BACKBONE Tablet – Facts & Details


Zero Compromise Endpoint Security

BACKBONE was born on a mission to take full control of domain and data security on all levels.

What if a device could assist with highly classified military operations and also connect soldiers with their families at home without compromising security on a domain or data level?

We envisioned a device that took security seriously.

That meant no compromises: an incorruptible, high-security device with a patented hardware architecture, guaranteeing physical separation of mission-critical information from different security domains.

It’s a trusted tool that automatically and verifiably fulfills all security related requirements of any mission, so you can focus on what really matters.

No backdoors. No excuses. No margins for error.

A tablet with razor-sharp precision when it comes to maximum domain and data security.

When you’re in the field,
the rigorous activity and weather elements can be brutal on your technology.

From blowing wind, rain and freezing temperatures to dust, salt spray and more. To withstand these elements, you need tablets that are as tough as the conditions they operate in.

We also wanted something that combined functionality with beautiful design. Other devices seem to compromise on either design or toughness. Why should we have to compromise? So we spent time sketching out something that was virtually incorruptible and visually stunning.

What we imagined was a tablet that would be ready to take on the very same challenges as we do, on the battlefield, at the military base, and at work.

So we built it.
Meet Backbone.

It’s more than a tablet.
It’s a trusted tool.

BACKBONE represents the reinvention of data security, without backdoors and compromises. We are introducing unprecedented security technology with durable, element-conquering functionality that was exclusively developed in BACKBONE’s research labs.

Each device comes complete with an innovative integrated hardware security architecture that takes domain and data security to a new level.

True protection means taking privacy seriously,
from the front line to the home front.


An end user device for simultaneous use in multiple security domains

Guaranteed physical separation of multiple security domains through hosting of operating system and data on external boot device. Simultaneous usage of several boot devices with one end user device possible.


An end user device with adaptable hardware configuration

Individual end user device hardware configuration activated upon connection of external boot device. Role/mission-based end user device handover including automatic hardware reconfiguration possible on the move in real time.


A fully ruggedized data fortress without compromise

Physical robustness at an unmatched level and pushed to the brink of what is functionally possible.


Permanent real-time system integrity monitoring

Automatic detection of intrusion attempts as well as system damage. Automatic execution of security routines when end user devices are triggered by suspicious activity.


Intelligent system data collection for predictive maintenance

Smart health tracking of end user device for seamless management of the IT equipment ecosystem, improving efficiency and lowering life-cycle cost.

Boundaries you define,
not your device.

Take on the Elements

From the comfort of home to Everest’s base camp, it was important that BACKBONE could take on pretty much anything we — or the planet — could throw at it. That’s why it boasts innovative design features previously unseen in the tablet world.


The combination of high-endurance carbon fiber unibody and ultra-strong BACKBONE toughened glass screen delivers a tablet that is ready to take on any challenge while remaining effortlessly beautiful.

More than just Waterproof

BACKBONE is not just waterproof, it comes complete with an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of IP68/IP69K – guaranteeing protection against liquids up to depths of 2m for 24 hours.

Extreme Temperatures

From the hot desert sun to the freezing snow, BACKBONE is designed to operate effectively under extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius (4 to 140°F). The 10.1inch display is also designed to be readable even in extreme sunlight.

The fortitude to draw our own maps when navigating privacy and security.


Rear & Front Cameras

Both BACKBONE’s 5MP front and 13MP rear camera boast image stabilization, noise reduction and 1080p HD recording at 30fps.

Shock Absorption

Unlike other devices, there is no rigid connection between the housing and the interior of BACKBONE. This protects against damage by ensuring true shock absorption.

Cellular (optional)

In developing BACKBONE, we’ve made staying connected a priority – no matter where you are. Each device can be equipped to operate on GSM / UMTS / LTE networks featuring a fully integrated performance optimized antenna.

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth (optional)

For back at base, BACKBONE can be equipped with first-rate Wi-Fi connectivity operating on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, as well as Bluetooth (Version 4.0) for maximum connectivity.


Each device is complete with a GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO + BEIDOU) – so that together with a digital compass, you know exactly where you are and where you’re going.

10.1 Inch Display

Built from break-, scratch-, and shatter- resistant BACKBONE toughened glass and boasting a resolution of 1920 x 1200, the tough but beautiful touch-screen display with 1000 nits provides stunning clarity even in bright sunlight.

Carbon Fiber Case

Manufactured in Austria, the incredibly tough carbon fiber unibody places BACKBONE in a league of its own. Currently the only tablet available to use this material, the sleek and light weight carbon casing provides ultimate protection.


Boasting a formidable IP Rating of IP68/IP69K, with this tablet ‘waterproof ’ truly means ‘waterproof ’. BACKBONE’s waterproof technology means you can operate it at depths of up to 2 meters for 24 hours.


BACKBONE’s hermetically-sealed carbon fiber body is well-equipped to deal with dust and mud, while the innovative soft caps for each of the tablet’s connectors take protection to a whole other level.


Technical Specifications


Windows 10

Physical Specifications


295 x 28 x 192 mm


1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)

Casing & Frame

Single Frame

Carbon Fiber with Shock Absorption


Pre-impregnated carbon fiber

Low Density (80% lower than Steel with the same Resilience)


IP Rating: IP68/IP69K Unmated
Hermetic Sealing
Extremely robust, up to 10000 Mating Cycles
High Shock and Vibration Resistance, acc. MIL-STD-202
Dust/Mud Protective Soft Caps (Optional)
High-Corrosion Resistance, 1000h Saltspray Test
360° EMC Shielding



Intel Atom x7-E3950 Quad-Core

Clock Speed

1.6GHz Base Frequency, Burst 2.0GHz


Intel HD Gfx Gen9




TPM 2.0




Universal Flash Storage (UFS) up to 512 GB on each External Boot Device
End User Device Internal UFS up to 512 GB (optional)



-20°C to 60°C


Short Time

-20°C to 60°C

Up to 1 Month

-10°C to 45°C

Up to 6 Months

Room Temperature


Front Camera


Rear Camera


1080p HD Video Recording at 30 FPS
720p HD Video Recording at 60 FPS
Exposure Control
Luminance Detection, White Balance / Black Level
Noise Reduction and Image Stabilization


10.1” LED Backlit Capacitive Multi Touch Display
Ultra-Strong BACKBONE Toughened Glass Screen
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 FULL HD
Maximum Luminance: 1000 Nits
2mm Single-Layer Safety Glass with Anti-Reflection Coating


Ambient Light
Three-axis Gyroscope
Gesture Control Sensor



Version 4.0

Dual Band

2.4 / 5 GHz


802.11 ac/a/b/g/n

2G / 3G / 4G


Integrated Digital Audio Interface for Connection of a Headset






Embedded GNSS Receiver with Dead Reckoning
Active GNSS Antenna Integrated

External Connectors

1 x USB 3.0
1 x USB 2.0
1 x Utility Connector: USB 2.0 / CAN / RS232 / Admin-Device Configuration Interface
1 x Power
1 x Ethernet 1 Gbit
1 x Audio
Dual RS232 (Optional, instead of Audio)

Battery & Power

Seamlessly integrated 32Wh rechargeable LiFePO4 with Battery and Power Management
Included External Power Adapter 12Vdc/110-230Vac/50-60Hz External Power
Ready for Power Supply with BB-2590 as Power Bank or Usage with 12V/24V Vehicle Batteries


Ultra Rugged USB Stick
32 / 64 / 128GB Capacity
Vehicle Docking Station
Battle Management Software
Radio Connection Data Cables
Adapter Cables