IKT Security Conference 2023 – A Recap

Read about the conference days at the IKT Security Conference 2023 in Linz.
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This month, we were privileged to attend the IKT Security conference in Linz that showcased some of the most innovative companies at the cutting edge of IKT security. While there was a lot to learn from this event, perhaps one of its greatest takeaways was that when it comes to staying ahead in the field of cyber security, collaboration is key.

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Our team learned about new technologies and strategies for making sure organizations are secure against malicious attacks.

Here’s our recap!

As digitization continues to pervade every aspect of business, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has become more urgent than ever before. The reality of security breaches and attacks is a harsh one, and can have devastating consequences for organizations and nations, both in terms of reputation and finances. This is why conferences that focus on security have become essential events for businesses of all kinds. By attending these events, they can gain invaluable insights and information on the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in cybersecurity. In this recap, we’ll take a look at some of the key takeaways from a recent IKT security conference in Linz and explore what it means for people working in the military field, CEO’s, CIO’s and IT administrators.

Austrian Defence Minister Klaudia Tanner

Austrian defence minister Klaudia Tanner and CEO Philipp Lechner at the IKT Sicherheitskonferenz 2023

Austrian Defence Minister Klaudia Tanner attended the event and came to the BACKBONE booth. Klaudia Tanner says in the press conference “The past few years have shown how important it is to be well prepared for crisis scenarios. This also applies to the digital space. Digitalization is making the area of cybersecurity increasingly important, as cyberattacks are one of the most likely operational scenarios these days.

At the IKT Security Conference, more than 80 papers on cybersecurity were presented by international experts. Young talent in particular is of great importance in the IT industry. The Austrian Armed Forces are also constantly on the lookout for talent in this specialist area, such as cyber basic military servicemen or ICT officers.”

Other visitors

Colonel Markus Reisner and CEO Philipp Lechner.



Colonel Markus Reisner, Colonel of the General Staff Service Walter Unger and CEO Philipp Lechner greet each other in front of the BACKBONE booth.

Colonel Markus Reisner, Colonel of the General Staff Service Markus Unger and CEO Philipp Lechner

Cybersecurity is Everyone's Business

One of the most striking things that emerged from the conference is the importance of having a culture of security in an organization. This means that everyone should take responsibility for security, from the top-level executives to the frontline employees. The reality is, security breaches can happen from any level of an organization, and it only takes one person to make a mistake for a breach to occur. Therefore, it is imperative that security protocols and guidelines are not only communicated effectively but also enforced and integrated into the daily operations of the organization.

Here you can watch the recap of the Austrian Armed Forces directly on their Youtube channel.

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