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Read about the first podcast episode with Armin Arbeiter and Philipp Lechner.
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It’s finally here – the first episode of the BACKBONE podcast.

Bringing you an engaging report directly from the frontline. Presented by BACKBONE’s CEO, Philipp Lechner, we start off this podcast with an episode delving into the complex world of digital communications in areas of conflict.

Featuring Armin Arbeiter, a journalist renowned for his brave reports from some of the world’s most hazardous places, this episode assures a discussion on how technology is utilized by journalists in war zones.

The Guest Spotlight – Armin Arbeiter

A War Correspondent’s Story

Armin Arbeiter epitomizes fearless journalism, with a resume filled with extraordinary experiences. Having immersed himself in numerous war zones worldwide, he’s not just an observer – he becomes the link through which distant realities reach a global audience. His experiences have shaped a distinctive view on how digital communication and personal safety interact, uncovering insights that most journalists may never see. In this episode, Armin shares detailed accounts of his time in the battleground of East Ukraine, where he was present during the initial weeks of the war.

Bridging Communication in Combat Zones


Digital Technology as a Dual-Edged Sword

In today’s digital era, the landscape of warfare is shaped by the flow of data and communication. Armin’s reports highlight how soldiers, journalists, and local people use technology to share important information. However, these improvements in connectivity also come with notable risks – like the possible exposure of sensitive data, higher chances of cyberattacks, and the controlling influence of authoritarian governments.

The Intersection of Security and Privacy

In particularly unstable regions, the need for strict security measures often outweighs the wish for privacy in online chats. Understanding the delicate balance between these two opposing aspects is a continual challenge. Armin Arbeiter will recount tales of digital secrecy and the extreme steps people must take to keep their communications hidden from curious onlookers.

Listen to the Podcast Episode here